The Brukinsa Difference

Designed to meet the challenges
of BTK inhibition

High potency and affinity for BTK1,2

100% inhibition with twice-daily dosing and up to 100% inhibition with once-daily dosing

  • Inhibition in PBMCs was 100% with both BID and QD dosing. Inhibition in lymph nodes was 100% with BID and 94% with QD dosing

The clinical significance of 100% inhibition has not been established.

Sustained 24-hour inhibition2

Concentration levels continuously maintained above the IC50 for 24 hours

Low off-target binding2,3

High affinity for BTK with low off-target binding, including TEC, HER4, and JAK3

BID=twice daily; BTK=Bruton’s tyrosine kinase; IC50=half maximal inhibitory concentration, which is the mean inhibitory concentration required by each drug to achieve 50% inhibition; PBMCs=peripheral blood mononuclear cells; QD=once daily.

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